Strategies And Policies

The mission of GLOBAL METALS (ARM) LIMITED Company is to establish a long-term highly profitable group of mining companies with sustainable growth in shareholder value.

In pursuit of this mission, the Company  utilizes the most effective exploration techniques and extracts resources in the most efficient way with a strong commitment to health, safety and the environment.

Many of our projects started  as greenfields. New projects are increasingly more difficult to develop because of their locations, their social context and environmental issues. Our development strategy focuses both on exploration in the vicinity of our deposits, to capitalize on the existing infrastructure, and worldwide -  for deposits that are consistent with the objectives of our company. 

We are committed to stimulating Armenia’s economic development, creating jobs, particularly in the rural areas of the regions, thus helping to prevent rural-urban migration, improving local infrastructure and providing other socio-economic benefits to the local communities.

• Production Put into operation Armanis Concentrator in July 2011
• Development Complete the supplementary exploration of  Dastakert mine.
• Expansion Continue to monitor the market for opportunities to acquire assets – both operating and development projects - that are consistent with our strategy.
• Production Targets
• Cost Targets
Armanis Concentrator: ore processing 500,000 t p.a.
• Safety & Health
• Community Development
Implement higher standards for safety and environmental performance.